Seeds Of Love Foundation

Love Wins All  

Thomas Soi, a local Tanzanian resident, had a vision to meet the needs of the underserved orphans and widows in remote areas of the Kilimanjaro Region in Tanzania, Africa. With this vision, he created Seeds of Love Foundation (SOLF), which in September 2019 became officially registered as anon-government organization (NGO). Because of environmental challenges, the remoteness of the area, and extreme poverty, these individuals encounter exceptionally difficult circumstances. Seeds of Love Foundation have a small team that works together to ensure that the community, especially those in remote areas, receive the support and love them deserve.


What do we do?

To help struggling widows, Seeds of Love Foundation

  • provides food and seminars
  • plans projects to offer them assistance
  • cooks and delivers meals                

To help the orphans or children in remote areas who are struggling, Seeds of Love Foundation

  • Provide homes and other basic needs for the vulnerable children that have no homes and are desperate.
  • raises funds to provide school uniforms, clothes, food, and school materials (such as reading books, exercise books, pens, sports equipment, and toys)
  • cooks and delivers meals
  • provides basic necessities, music, love, and support to the recipients
  • Recognizes and helps them develop their hobbies, create positive environments, reach personal goals, and build confidence.

Our goal is to help them build career opportunities to support themselves in the long-term.

Since many children fail to reach and fulfill their dreams due to their circumstances, loss of parents and family, or lack of support from society due to poverty, SOLF arranges events within the region to educate society, giving them the opportunity to assist each other and plant symbolic seeds of love in the hearts of the children who need recognition and support.