Love Wins All  

Recent Events

In July of 2019, SOLF visited a village in the Rombo District called Kirongo Chini. SOLF met with the community, conducted a seminar for the widows, elderly, local orphans, and vulnerable children from their society. The area was extremely dry and there was no hope, due to drought. After a long seminar and discussion, the locals asked SOLF to assist in providing a goat for each widow so they could raise the goats and sell their milk to support themselves and their children. Currently, SOLF is raising funds to make this a reality.

In September of 2019, SOLF visited a 16-year-old boy, Mathew Theobald, who lives alone in a tiny home that he built himself. Mathew was found arriving home from school, ready to fight for his life. He has one meal at school, and then comes home to search for food, often finding nothing because of the drought.

SOLF provided to him 5kg of Rice, 3litres of cooking oil, 5kg of beans, 2 bars of Soap, flour with special nutrients for porridge, exercise books and pens.

The entire nearby region suffers similarly, struggling to find food for their families and local society. Two to three meals per day is a luxury in this area. While education is provided by government-run schools, parents/students must pay extra fees for food, cooks, guards, and materials.

Seeds of Love Foundation found that Mathew had not paid any of his school fees because he just joined the school and was unable to find a solution to his financial crisis. They decided to pay for his school contributions and a second school uniform. He is now hopeful for the future of his education. While his living arrangements are far from adequate, he is happy and enjoys his schooling. Mathew is performing well in his lessons and is dreaming big for his future.

Currently supporting 34 orphans and vulnerable children ages 6 months–16 years, SOLF finds deep joy and success in helping people like Mathew, orphans of the village, struggling widows in the area, and the society as a whole. They yearn to continue to provide for their community and teach them skills to provide for themselves. SOLF welcomes all who desire to assist in preserving and perpetuation this vision, making it a reality to those who truly need it.